Learn about Zakat

A selection of articles, downloadable quick guides and videos that will teach you the basics of Zakat. We also conduct workshops, seminars, webinars and other events where you can learn more about Zakat.

Calculate your Zakat

The Prophet (peace be upon him) gave a listing of Zakatable items and rates to be charged on each of them and determined exemptions and the criteria of Zakatability. Let us help you figure out your Zakat obligation.

Pay your Zakat

You are about to embark on a very important and meaningful journey. By paying your Zakat, you will be fulfilling a key Islamic obligation, purifying yourself as well as your wealth, and helping to alleviate the difficulties of those in need.

What is National Zakat Foundation?

The National Zakat Foundation is a ground-breaking initiative which aims to utilize Zakat funds and voluntary donations collected in Canada for the benefit of local, deserving recipients.

This group includes some of the most vulnerable members of our community, including new converts, widows, orphans, refugees, the aged as well as the homeless.

Our work covers five core areas that together form an end-to-end service for the Muslim community in Canada with respect to Zakat: Awareness, Education, Calculation, Collection & Distribution.

My Mercy extends to all things. That (Mercy) I shall ordain for those who have God-consciousness and give their Zakat and those who believe in Our Signs.

– Surah Al-A`raf [7:156]